Monday, March 18, 2013

Nashville Homeowner: "I Want Good Value" on Handyman Repairs

Last week, after calling us for handyman work, a Nashville homeowner remarked, "I want good value". What is value? Like you and I do, this gentleman likely gets packets of coupons in the mail regularly, that offer seemingly "good value" on everything from carpet cleaning (e.g. 4 rooms for $79) to replacement windows (e.g. $159.99 for any size double-hung AND a free steak dinner with a quote). We don't clean carpets and we don't serve up sirloin tips and baked potatoes. However, it you look past the hype of bulk mail specials that can seem too good to be true, you will see that Results Handyman Service provides real value: Nashville's best handyman services (*) at reasonable prices.

At Results Handyman Service, our ONLY focus is on residential handyman jobs in the Nashville, TN area. We respond quickly and effectively to the home repair needs of our clients. Some of our competitors regularly bid on million dollar commercial plumbing jobs while others focus on building custom houses. Do you really think a small list of handyman repairs is a priority of theirs?

Like the best of those big companies, we have super experienced handymen, with many years of industry experience. To protect our clients, Results Handyman Service is licensed, bonded, and insured (TN License #6802). We proudly offer a 2 year warranty on our work.

Unlike the "big boys", we have no office staff, so we don't have to pay the salaries of salespeople, executive assistants, etc. Our handymen don't drive new trucks, and we don't brainstorm in a studio outfitted with oil paintings, mahogany desks, and ergonomic leather chairs. If you ever drop by our inexpensive rented warehouse, unfortunately, we won't be able to offer you a gourmet coffee drink from a single service brewing system. You will see 2 small desks in the corner, where our owners share a single phone, a passion for excellence and efficiency, and a desire to continue to be the best handyman company in Nashville. Because we are so diligent at keeping our overhead costs low, we can offer you top quality home repairs at prices that may surprise you.

We once heard someone say that it's difficult to get the right answer if you ask the wrong question. We agree. We also believe that if all you want is a good price, call the jack-of-all-trades guy whose quote is rock bottom. Just don't be surprised to learn that the quality of his work is rock bottom as well. Or, if you want a good feeling, call the fellow in the bespoke suit who drives a new luxury car and belongs to the right club. But be prepared to pay dearly for that feeling. If, on the other hand, you desire real value - premium quality home repairs at a fair price - pick up the phone and call us at 615-891-7334.

(*) Results Handyman Service was voted Best Handyman in the 2012 Nashville Scene Readers' Poll.

Bill Boyd