Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Handyman: Nashville Scene Readers' Poll

We were both happy and a little surprised to see Results Handyman Service at the top of the rankings late last week when we picked up a copy of The Nashville Scene. That issue features their 2012 Best of Nashville awards for various categories. Scene readers voted us #1 in the Best Handyman category.

We are honored to be voted Best Handyman. We know that many our wonderful clients took the time and effort to cast a ballot where they had to vote in 20 or more categories. We know without a doubt that our clients are the best in Nashville and we are glad that many of them believe that we are the best in town as well. We attribute much of our success to the drive for excellence exhibited by our great staff. To both our fabulous clients and to our team, we extend a huge Thank You!

We were initially a bit surprised to be at the top of the rankings, mainly because we are a relatively young company (this is our 4th year in business) and we compete against some companies who have been operating in Nashville for decades. Upon further review, perhaps we shouldn't be that surprised to be selected Best Handyman in Nashville. Our ONLY focus in on residential handyman jobs in the Nashville, TN area. We can therefore respond quickly and effectively to the home repair needs of our clients. Some of our competitors offer handyman services, yet it is clear that their main emphasis is on designing and building homes, while others run commercial plumbing and HVAC crews.

If you need a new house, we can refer you to one of Nashville's best builders. If you need a handyman, call us to discuss any mix of issues. We can handle almost any home repair and improvement scenario. Our prices are competitive and our service, quality, and professionalism are second to none.

Bill Boyd

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