Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter & Home Repairs

Winter is a slow time in several industries and the home improvement industry is one of them. Companies like Results Handyman are looking for inside work now. We prefer to keep our guys busy this time of year, rather than having them stay home. What does this mean for homeowners? We can get most projects completed quickly, and we are now offering discounts!

Spring and Summer are good times to address painting and roofing, but what should you be focusing on when the temperatures drop? The obvious things are interior walls and ceilings. They may be cracking, damaged or perhaps they just need a coat of paint. This is a perfect time to get a free estimate on these kinds of repairs.

Cold temperatures can also bring to a head projects that you may have long known about, but didn't want to face. Are you noticing cold air around windows and doors? These are the two primary culprits when it come to energy loss. The remedy may be as simple as caulk. It would be helpful to have an experienced contractor do an inspection. We have years of experience when it comes to correcting faulty insulation and installing all types of weather stripping.

Middle Tennessee is hard on home foundations. We have long dry spells followed by heavy rains and this can cause foundations to shift and crack. It isn't unusual to find entire areas of a home sagging. We work with a structural engineer to provide reasonably priced solutions to these problems. Often, repairs and corrections can be made without damaging landscaping or drywall. We will present a proposal with a fixed price free of charge. As we often say, "Estimates are free but neglect is expensive".

Wood rot is a common issue and you would be surprised at how often and how cheaply it could be avoided. Keeping your gutters clean and your windows and doors coated will extend the life of your home. We offer a reasonable "one trip" price to make sure that your gutters (including downspouts) are cleaned and flushed. We also bag and remove all debris. We'll also caulk around doors and windows during the visit which will prevent moisture from getting behind wood trim, which is where most rot occurs. It takes less than 48 hours to get a free quote for this service.

One more item that you don't want to ignore is pipe insulation. Most burst pipes happen at night, and that is the most expensive time to call a plumber. Don't wait until the damage occurs and you are out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Call now to have an experienced contractor inspect your plumbing system.

-Steve Ford

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