Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pricing - Part 4: Get Peace of Mind

Get Peace of Mind with our Fixed Pricing

As we say on our website, the question about pricing that we hear the most is: "You contractors are supposed to be professionals. Why don't you know what a job will cost ahead of time?"

That is a great question, and we have structured our company so that we can properly respond to it. We will offer a fixed price bid on almost any home repair job. Our fixed price proposal will include both labor and all materials. It will also include a detailed description of the work to be done and the precise costs for doing it.

Upon approval of pricing, a time will be scheduled for work to begin. On the day that work is to begin, our people will be on time. They will follow the agreed upon schedule and they will clean up after themselves. 

When your project has been completed, we will invoice you and you will be given payment options: Cash, check or all major credit cards. We do add a 3% charge for taking a credit card, but that is what we pay for providing that service and we do not want to penalize our clients who pay using cash or checks.

This post concludes our series on pricing. We hope it has been helpful to you. We look forward to your comments.  If you have any questions, please email us: info@resultshandyman.com or call us at 615.891.7334.

Bill Boyd

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